Financial support

Plumbline-Switzerland is active both in Switzerland and abroad.

In Switzerland: 4-5 times a year, it conducts weekend seminars in German in Switzerland or Italy. The Plumbline weekend seminar is highly suitable for home Bible study groups, small groups and church leaders. 

International: The vision of our team is to bring healing to the nations. We witnessed with our own eyes how God fulfils His word: Isaiah 61 becomes a reality in lives. In order to see, we must go. In February 2017 we will continue our seminar work in Armenia. The doors are open and the harvest is ripe.


Because we want to enable everyone to attend the Swiss and Italian seminars, we deliberately keep seminar fees low, and do not cover all our expenses. Our fellow Christians in Armenia have no money. Plumbline Switzerland has to meet all expenses itself.

Plumbline Switzerland is seeking partnerships. We want to join hands with men and women who support us financially in our work. We need:


  • 'Project donations' for trips abroad

                  (airline tickets and residential costs)

  • Part-time salaries for two people


Would you like to become a Plumbline partner too?


It's easy: You can either help to pay the salaries of Susanna Knutti or Wigo Gorissen. With 50, 100 or 200 Swiss francs a month, you will enable people to experience healing. You may commit yourself for a period of either 12 or 24 months!


Also one-time donations are very welcome.



For questions and more information please mail to: